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How do you pay for care?

The funding for social care can be very confusing. We fully understand that this is an anxious time for you personally and as a family.


Our intent is to navigate you through this confusion and provide the necessary information to make your decisions. We are here to explain and assist so please don’t hesitate to pick up a phone and have a chat. 

There are various ways that care may be funded.


These are shown below and are dependent on how your relative entered Birkdale Park eg via the hospital or from their own home etc. They may also have to contribute to their own care as they have over £23,000 in the bank or they still own their own home. 

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How much to we charge for our care?

Birkdale Park ‘room rates’ range from £995 - £1300 per week. This is subject to change. All fees are annually reviewed in March and typically will increase. 

However, the fees quoted are the residential room rates only and based on our facilities such as is the room (ensuite, ground floor, garden access etc) but may also be increased due to level of personal care dependency eg we need two carers to lift them as they are totally immobile. Funding Nursing Care (FNC) if assessed and granted is retained by the Birkdale Park to cover the necessary costs for the specialist nursing care and clinical supervision for that individual.


Nursing respite is typically for a minimum period of 2 weeks. Weekly hair dressing is available and approx £12-£20 dependent on treatment eg Cut and Blow - Cut and Set. Other costs could include podiatry and physio. All rooms have TV and WIFI. There are no other costs.

Your relative has been admitted to Birkdale Park as one of the following routes: [Self Funding / Discharge to Assess, / Fast Track or Social Services Funded].

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Self Funding (Private Clients)

Fees will have been discussed with you prior to admission. We will only ever charge you the room rate as shown above. Any additional nursing fees if assessed and agreed by the NHS would be retained by Birkdale Park. 

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Discharge to Assess / Fast Track

This funding will be paid in full by the health Authority for a period of approx 6 weeks during that time a clinical nursing assessment will take place, this determines whether your funding will be paid in full after the 6 weeks. In the unfortunate event that funding ends you will be expected to pay the full room rate or contribute an amount to this fee. Fast Track funding is paid by the NHS for those considered within the last 3 months of life and aim is to secure a place where comfortable homely care may be provided away from the hospital environment. 

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Social Services

These fees are agreed prior to admission please be aware there will be a room additional charge ‘top up payment’ paid for by yourselves along with the social services contribution that has been assessed (This is typically a minimum of your state pension). This is because the fees provided by social care are so low they do not cover the true cost of care. Therefore to stay at Birkdale Park an additional fee would be necessary to cover the shortfall. This will be fully explained to you.

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Funding Nursing Care

Not all clients are entitled to this payment, as it depends entirely on their specialist nursing needs. If they qualify this fee is retained by Birkdale Park Nursing Home and does not affect your room rate, which has previously been discussed and agreed by yourselves / contract. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to speak to member of the office team who will be available Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.30pm Phone 01704 566055 or email

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